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Copper Washers Manufacturers

Being a premier producer, distributor, exporter, and retailer of Copper Washers of high calibre. Due to their exceptional durability, dependability, high grade quality, low maintenance requirements, ideal finishing, and superior performance, the copper washers we offer are in high demand throughout the nation.

For industrial uses in the construction, electric motor, defence, and medical sectors, Hero Metal offers customised copper washers. Hero Metal can make your bespoke washer to your precise specifications using stamping, waterjet cutting, and wire EDM cutting. For each application, our staff will choose the manufacturing technique that is both economical and effective.Our business offers complete production capabilities and can produce products in quantities ranging from prototypes to big production runs.

Copper is a perfect metal for stamping and forming since it is both malleable and ductile. It also works well as a heat and, in pure form, an electrical conductor. The resultant alloy, which contains beryllium, is non-magnetic, resistant to corrosion, and a superior heat and electrical conductor.

Copper is the perfect material for washers in a variety of applications due to its strength, wear resistance, crush resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Copper washer characteristics:

  • Construction: Washers with good heat and electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance for plumbing and electrical installations.Washers are crushed by an electric motor to seal connections with fluids or liquids.
  • Military & Defense: Washers to act as electrical insulation and seals in electronic devices. Crush washers made of copper offer seals for connections with fluids or liquids.
  • Medical components include washers for medical parts that must be long-lasting and have great conductivity as well as parts for biomedical equipment that must be resistant to corrosion.

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